Landlord & Tenant Obligations – Home Damage & Disrepair Claims

Landlord & Tenant Obligations

Landlord’s Responsibilities

    • Keep in good condition the structure and exterior of the property
    • Maintain and repair heating and water systems, sinks, baths
    • Maintain the safety of gas and electrical appliances 
    • Maintain and repair plumbing systems
    • Maintain fire safety systems 
    • Make sure all furniture, furnishings and appliances are fit for habitation
    • Keep common areas in good condition
    • Must provide a tenancy agreement to the tenant
    • Must protect the tenant’s deposit in one of the government approved schemes

Tenant’s Responsibilities

    • Pay the rent on the agreed date
    • Pay for council tax, utility bills (gas, electricity, water, council tax) if they are not included in the rent
    • Keep the property clean
    • Do not cause any damage to the property
    • Make sure that the tenant, other occupants or visitors do not harass, cause nuisance or disruption to neighbouring occupants 

Landlord’s Repairs Responsibilities

Your landlord is always responsible to do repairs to:

    • Heaters/boilers
    • Electrical wiring
    • Hot water
    • Gas pipes/plumbing
    • Sinks, toilets, baths, showers
    • Ventilation
    • The structure/exterior of the property (walls, windows, doors, roof)

Your landlord must make sure that your home is safe and fit for habitation.

What makes a home unfit:

    • Damp/mould
    • Pest infestations
    • Gas safety checks
    • Fire safety issues
    • Unsafe electrics

Damp & Mould

Your landlord is responsible to repair damp and mould issues, if they are affecting your health and safety at your rented home.

Advice for tenants:

    • Ventilate your home
    • Use extractor fans in the kitchen
    • Keep the lids on pans when cooking
    • Use extractor fans in the bathrooms when showering
    • Dry clothes outdoors or use a vented tumble dryer
    • Open all the windows in your home for 5-10 minutes every morning

Pest Infestations

Your landlord is responsible to fix any pest infestation issues at your rented property, if the issue makes your home unsafe to live in. It is your landlord’s job to repair any cracks, gaps, or holes at walls, windows, doors or the structure of the property from which rats, mice, cockroaches etc can enter the house.

Advice for tenants:

    • Keep your home clean and tidy
    • Don’t leave rubbish or food waste out
    • Clean drains
    • Store food in sealed containers
    • Report the problem to your landlord

Gas Safety

Your landlord is responsible to arrange gas safety checks every year and to make sure that gas supply appliances are safe and fitted by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

Advice for tenants:

    • You are responsible for gas appliances that you own
    • Get a Gas Safe engineer to check your gas appliances. 
    • Call the National Gas Emergency Service on 800 111 999 if you smell gas or you think there’s a gas leak.

Fire Safety

Your landlord is responsible to install smoke alarms in your rented property and make sure any appliances and furniture are safe. If there is a coal fire or wood burning stove, they must install carbon monoxide detectors.

Advice for tenants:

    • Check that your smoke alarm detectors are working
    • Replace the batteries on the smoke alarms if necessary
    • If a smoke alarm is not working report it to your landlord  and ask for a new one
    • Look out for damaged wiring, broken sockets and loose plugs.

Electrical Installations

Your landlord must make sure that all electrical appliances, wiring, cables, plugs, sockets, light fittings, fuse boxes are safe and well maintained. 

Advice for tenants:

    • Report any electrical faults to your landlord
    • Make sure your own appliances are safe.